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Wisdom, Fortitude, Strength, and Nature.


Strong: A Man’s Guide to the Bible

God adorns the woman, but he duels with the man.


When biblical manhood is diminished, our connection as a people to God’s masculine power is also diminished because man was created to display it. The foremost command in the Bible to men is to be strong. Why do they need to be strong? Why is weakness a man’s greatest problem? Because God will provide, manhood is not so much a blueprint to follow as it is something realized in the way God deals with each of us as we struggle to run with endurance the race set before us in a fallen world.

Strong is a book that explores in-depth what the Bible really has to say about men and manliness and seeks to answer these difficult questions about weakness and strength. With over 1000 references and close examination of the Greek and Hebrew, no stone is left unturned in this groundbreaking work.

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Bible Topics

Getting into the original text of the Bible is important to studying doctrine. Thus to help us construct a doctrine of manhood, various topics and words are listed with relevant insight and/or verses.